hello, this is just a little site for myself. always a work in progress and for an adult audience only. updates whenever.
it was built for desktop/chrome but is mobile friendly. uses iframes and javascript.
17 FEB 2024
finished homepage finallyyy, also set up gbook from before
15 DEC 2023
accidentally deleted the whole /diary layout (ノ=Д=)ノ┻━┻
5 DEC 2023
starting to chip away at the homepage, visual studio code <3
27 NOV 2023
/diary is up :D most important page first lmfao, also added entries from my now (semi)retired dreamwidth
18 NOV 2023
switched from neocities to leprd yaaay, gonna completely revamp the site
latest entry
repost: music
Mon December 24, 2023

ethereal breaks 002 *✩‧₊˚【a jungle + dnb mix】

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